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Jamghat with ABC Delhi

Jamghat with ABC Delhi Delhi Branch, as a step towards being socially responsible decided to extend its support to Jamghat, an NGO which works for rehabilitation of street children. Jamghat offers this opportunity to homeless young boys and girls rescued from the streets of Delhi. Since this association began in September, the branch has on 2 occasions collaborated with Jamghat.

A Visit to Jamghat

A group of 12 people from the Company volunteered to take a glimpse into the life of these children. We started out by visiting the centre for girls, Aanchal which presently is the home to 10 girls. As we walked through the by lanes of Saket, we passed Little Ones Public School where the girls go to study.

There was a great hustle when we entered the house, little girls curiously looking at their new visitors. We met the girls and gave them Pepsi and chips to eat. We were led by Amit Sinha, the Director of Jamghat into the dormitory. The walls had hand impressions and paintings made by children all over and it rightly felt like a happy place for the girls to be in. In no time, we all got friendly with the girls, understanding how they spend their day, their likes, dislikes an d their aspirations. During my interaction, a little girl by the name of Varsha narrated a poem while Neelam expressed her desire to become a doctor. It was heartening to see the work of Aanchal towards the rehabilitation of girls. Amit also talked about how the organisation came into being and his plans for the future. Later the girls showcased their talent delighting us with dance performances on couple of Bollywood dance numbers. We then visited the shelter for boys Aman, located in Ladho Sarai which currently houses 15 boys. The boys felt at ease early on and entertained us with jokes, singing songs and to our amazement even danced on a Justin Bieber song! The sense of warmth towards their mentors and bonding amongst the children was truly palpable.

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