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Clients are no longer looking for a ’one stop shop’ across the spectrum and go to ‘specialists’ for distinct hiring needs. For example, while ‘speed’ and ‘numbers’ may be the mantra for mass hiring; the top end of the market is driven by ‘industry expertise’ and ‘the ability to engage’. We have distinct brands to address each segment to best address specific client needs.
ABC Consultants
ABC Consultants
ABC Consultants focus has always been on middle to senior management talent needs. Over the years, we have acted as preferred recruitment partners to multinationals and leading Indian businesses.
HeadCount caters to volume hiring needs of client organisations across industry to address the war for “right” talent at the bottom of the pyramid, which is every organisation’s biggest challenge today.
World class process and technology combined with knowledge and experience of the Indian recruitment market helps our Recruitment Process Outsourcing business offer seamless integrated, client branded service, truly embedded in client organisation.
HeadHonchos brings many firsts to Indian e-recruitment in a powerful bid to tackle issues like irrelevant searches, not enough senior jobs, where every candidate and job is hand-screened, through a robust online search model.
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