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One of the biggest recruitment challenges for a large organisation is volume hiring at junior levels without compromising on quality and speed. Yet, the natural tendency of most recruitment firms is to focus on senior & middle management recruitment services. Currently, this segment is highly fragmented with various small to mid sized recruitment firms occupying this space with no one being able to provide the reach and scale to fully satisfy client needs.

HeadCount, as a division of ABC Consultants, was established in 2010 to provide high quality recruitment solutions that address volume hiring needs at junior management levels for large corporates. The annual compensation of positions handled by Head count is less than Rs 12 lacs.

We operate on a key account management model where, because of the volumes with each client, we dedicate resources on a full time basis to serve a client.

Head count is a 75 people strong division and operates out of a centralised delivery office in New Delhi and serves clients across industries and locations

Representative Searches
200+ Fitments, a Leading Indian Pharmaceutical Company 150 Positions, a Leading Global FMCG Player 160 Fitments, a Leading Indian Education Player 60+ Fitments, a Leading IT Player 100+ Fitments, a Leading IT Player
Our Consultants
Deepak Rathi Deepak Rathi
Chief Operating Officer
New Delhi
Sudip Chakrabarti Sudip Chakrabarti
Associate Director
New Delhi
Ajay Kamath Ajay Kamath
New Delhi
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