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"A New Comer's Perspective To Recruiting"

Written By Praveen V

"The opportunity to work with ABC presented to me, there is a renewed energy I carry with an appreciation for the clear commercial focus and the autonomy we are allowed within the frame work of systems that are established . There is a sense of being with an organization that is aware of the market trends and willing to change with the times and grow. The healthy competition, camaraderie and the right emphasis on performance that I find here allows one to work with cheer albeit with a performance orientation. Having seen recruitment from the perspective of the client and that of a candidate, I see this dimension of being a recruiter as a way to good karma personally, as the work I do really adds value and contributes in a big way to the candidate involved as well as the client .

Through the transactions that I have been involved, I have observed the value we add to the client and also realise that this is a very dynamic industry and organisations (clients) are consistently striving to find leaner and sharper ways of addressing their recruitment needs. It will be important for us to ride that wave of change and stay on the crest to stay ahead of the game. In that respect it is refreshing and promising to witness and be part of the changes and evolving methods that are being introduced.

The focus being on the upper middle and senior level management search and selection consulting, the people we engage with are also a very interesting cream of potent ial and every interaction is an avenue of learning. While trying not to sound clichéd, I conclude by saying that ABC is a growing organisation where recruiters ride the wave of global change where everyone grows together."

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