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HR Initiatives

Written By ABC Consultants

Every quarter, a feedback survey is conducted for recent joinees, who have completed a minimum of 3 months tenure with ABC. With the objective of ensuring smooth settling in of a new colleague pertaining to role, team and cultural alignment; the quarterly survey is an equivalent of an 'Entrance interview'. The aim is to establish a long lasting association of the incumbent with ABC and ascertain the individual's focus on long-term performance objectives.

This HR initiative first began in March 2008 as a platform for a recent inductee to provide feedback on systems, environment, understanding of role, level of cooperation and support available.


  1. An internal refresher workshop on Best Practices: Candidate Evaluation and Mandate Conversions was held in our Chennai office on the 4th of March 2011. The session covered best practices in understanding a mandate, pre-search research, sourcing; and things we tend to overlook that just make a difference in the right evaluation and high mandate conversion.

    Shazia Khan, Client Manager - RHS & FMCG, Delhi conducted the workshop. Though the target participant pool was for the Research Associate, Associate & Client Manager bands, all consultants within the branch were invited to participate.

  2. Automated Process implementation training: We already have replicated the database on Hirecraft which used to exist on DMP. The database strength is well above 3 lakh CVs. In addition to storing the internal database, Hirecraft application also reduced duplication and brings in an element of process in the recruitment cycle. Automated processes also free up a consultant's time through automated recording of information and documentation thereby allowing consultants to shift focus from recruitment task orientation to consultative orientation, not to forget quick reference to standard formats, client information & a common candidate pool.

    The training plan is divided into2 phases:

    Phase 1 focuses on introduction to the candidate databank via the Search Engine and the Resume Manager.

    Phase 2 focuses on Client information and Client Requirement data. This includes T&Cs, Account Manager, Positions (current & past), Consultants working on the Requirement, Current status of mandate, Candidate lists and status wrt the Requirement, Communication mail templates for both Clients & Candidates.

    Consultants at Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad have undergone Phases 1 & 2 of implementation and are currently raising client invoices based on data in Hirecraft.

    Next location to follow suit: Delhi

  3. Team building exercises: Delhi branch offsite.
  4. External training: HeadHonchos offsite.

    One of the main highlights of our offsite was team building activities that were arranged by Colonel Gupta from NIS Sparta. Each one of us was divided into four teams namely, Go- Getters, Maha Ranchos, Optimistic- Pessimists and Aheadstrong. Each team set out for a lineup of games that required everyone putting their mental and physical abilities to use. The objective was to provide every individual with a scope for introspection and breaking out from their shell. From ball games to puzzles, the activities kept everyone gripped and provided a platform to highlight leadership skills, conflict management, communication and team spirit in each one of us.

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