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How to Leave a Professional Voicemail Message

Written By ABC Consultants

Business voicemail etiquette guidelines to follow, when recording or leaving a voicemail on someone's machine.

  1. After the message plays, give a 1-2 second pause before speaking.
  2. State your name, organization or business's name and your specific department, if any, and telephone number. Do so clearly and slowly.
  3. In a few words, describe your reason for calling. Keep your recording brief and to the point. Do not ramble.
  4. If necessary, leave the best time, for the person to call you back, or mention, that you will be available at any time.
  5. At the end of the message, repeat your name and phone number, slowly

Do's and Don'ts of leaving a message:

  • If you are calling someone for the first time or it's a really important call, write down what you are going to say. Do not go "umm" and "ahh.." on the message.
  • Be specific and brief in stating your purpose.
  • When calling someone you have never met or don't know, mention a mutual acquaintance or colleague if any, to bridge the gap.
  • Cover all grounds, leave alternate or home phone nos and even email addresses, so you don't' miss a reply to your message.
  • Avoid slang, personal references and casual language.
  • Don't be stiff and detached sounding, be pleasant, with a clear tone.
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