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ABC Consultants at the F1 Indian Grand Prix 2011

In the history of ABC Consultants, the date 23rd October, 2011 would be remembered as a 'red-letter day' the day when our logo won the 'Vodafone Drive into the Big League' contest.

The contest, promoted by Vodafone to leverage its association with the McLaren Mercedes F1 team, invited Indian SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) to participate by sending in an online entry. Enterprises with a turnover between Rs 10 crore and Rs 250 crore, and a total employee base less than 1,000, were eligible to participate.

Twenty-one applicants were short-listed, who got an opportunity to present their stories on the Vodafone 'Drive into the Big League' contest show on ET NOW. This segment of the contest was televised live as an eight part series.

During the mini-series ABC Consultants, represented by our CEO Shiv Agarwal, emerged as one of the top participants during the second week. The company faced a series of questions by the jury and finally emerged as a winner during the last week of the mini-series.

Shiv won the Grand Finale of the Vodafone 'Drive Into the Big League' contest overcoming stiff competition from six other participants. As a result of this victory, we saw the ABC Consultants logo on the McLaren Mercedes cars of Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button during the F1 Indian Grand Prix organized from 28-30 October 2011. Shiv officially unveiled the logo on the McLaren Mercedes car along with Lewis Hamilton and Marten Pieters-CEO Vodafone India on October 27, 2011.

It was exhilarating to be associated with such great global brands and to be connected to the inaugural Indian Grand Prix. The memories related to such a grand event would go down in history at ABC Consultants!

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