Search Methodology


Our selection process is based on a structured and systematic approach, which is proactive, detailed and target oriented.

The process includes the following steps:

Develop an Understanding of the Organization

To better facilitate the process, we will meet with key stakeholders important to the search to understand the organization’s history, culture and operating structure.

Develop the Position Specification

The position specification document will be prepared based on our discussions. This serves as critical piece of information, which is shared with serious candidates for the position. It describes the key success factors and priorities of the position, as well as candidate specifications including competencies, experience, background and personal traits.

The position specification will be reviewed with the client and serve as a guide in determining whom we will contact during the course of the search.

The final position description will be presented for formal approval.

Identify Suitable Candidates

Upon approval of the Position Specification by the client, we will begin to search for candidates by following the below activities:

Based on our agreed search criteria and strategy, we will identify an extensive list of target industries and companies. Identified individuals will be contacted to assess their potential fit with the position requirements and check their interest in the position.
We have a centralized database which is updated on a continuous basis and contains a lot of information on professionals which help us identify and evaluate qualified candidates for client assignments.
Any candidates generated through the Client’s own sources would be included in the overall mix of candidates, as if they were generated directly by us. This would strengthen the overall partnership approach to the search. Each candidate will then be assessed individually on merit and may be evaluated comparatively to the entire candidate pool.

Evaluation and Shortlist

Based on our discussions, we will draw up an initial list of shortlisted candidates. This will be done after a detailed evaluation of the candidates in terms of their skill sets, experience and their interest in the mandate. In addition to personal interviews, we may use independent 3rd party Psychometric assessment tools at an extra fee.

For the most promising of these candidates, we will prepare a detailed résumé and evaluation summary, to facilitate the interview process.


We will arrange interviews between the short listed candidates with your representatives. On receiving feedback, from the candidates and yourself on the meetings, we will work with you to draw up the final shortlist.

Reference Checks of Successful Candidates

We will conduct detailed references on the final candidate(s) you wish to hire, before the offer is formally extended, should you so require.

You have the option of requesting a background check on candidates at an extra fee. This would be organized through an independent 3rd party agency.

Offer Negotiation

If required, ABC provides assistance to prepare a competitive employment offer based on client compensation strategy and market realities. On behalf of the client, we can present the offer and explain it to the selected candidate. Throughout this final stage of the search process, ABC represents the client.


ABC remains in touch with the hired candidate between 60 and 90 days after he/ she has started on the assignment.