April 23, 2019

FlexAbility in Hiring

A huge multinational pharmaceutical company had a compelling requirement to fill 100 vacancies in a short period of 45 days, spread across the country including remote locations.

The organization understood the challenges they would face in completing this task. There were questions being raised like:

“Is it possible in such a short time, given that there will barely be any lead time to start with?”

“Can we retain the cultural hygiene of our organization while we complete this task?”

“Can the entire hiring process be run simultaneously in multiple locations without losing the standardization or confidentiality of the process?”

These questions led them to meet us at FlexAbility. We acknowledged the complexity of this task & built a dedicated team to initiate the process of filling 100 positions within 45 days.

We started with detailed strategic planning and setup of a proper governance system market to run a successful hiring program. Our initial steps were Market Intelligence & Talent Mapping. This initial phase took us almost 2 weeks, but it ensured we got a head start on hiring both in terms of candidate engagement & planning.

This was followed by efficient distribution of candidate requirements across multiple sourcing channels – this being one of our successful initial steps towards the goal. We worked closely with the organization as a partner to ensure we not only closed the positions but with a good experience for the candidates. Our team used various tools like MIS, Reporting & Predictive Analytics to ensure proper tracking & transparency, both operationally & strategically with all stakeholders.

Candidate screening was our next step, which is very crucial for it not only discards majority of the unsuitable applications but also helps generate important interview questions for those who clear the screening round. We met with some interesting challenges in the process given the multiple locations, challenges in availability of interview panel members & candidates. To manage this challenge effectively we set-up remote panel video interviews which expedited the interview process.

Also, our presence across several locations ensured we had help on the ground for sourcing & screening as offsite support across locations, with a strong onsite team to support us for client management & strategy.

Within 45 days of the inception of the FlexAbility Recruitment Program, we were able to get 95 new employees on-board successfully, which helped us get into a long-term Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) engagement with this organization.

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