Independent Reference Check


Getting your critical hiring wrong can be a costly affair. Research shows that a wrong hire can cost a company 10x the annual salary of the individual. The more senior the individual; Greater the impact. Our experience tells us that the biggest reason for hiring mistakes is the lack of effective due diligence on prospective hires in relation to the company & role they are being considered for. An Independent Reference Check (IRC) focuses on discovering deeper qualitative insights about candidates’ past performance & reputation from independent sources and not mere verification of credentials, which most background check services cover. When conducted with necessary discretion & sensitivity, this serves as a powerful selection tool. This is a confidential, honest and unbiased reference check process thus facilitating right hiring decisions.

Process Methodology

1. Understand

Candidate resume • Context & Job Description • Organisation DNA

2. Identify

The most suitable referees who is known both to the candidate and the consultant

4. Engage & Probe

Elicit information about the candidate from conversations or personal meetings with referees

3. Report

Contextualise, verify & report findings


  • Provides unbiased and honest information/feedback on the candidate
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