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Senior Project Manager - Russia

  • 12 - 18 years
  • Delhi
Industry :
Oil and Gas / Energy / Power / Infrastructure
Functional Area :
Site Engineering, Project Management
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Job Description





1.1 General

The generic term PM covers the positions or the resource codes of Senior Project Manager (SPM).

The Project Manager (PM) has the overall management responsibility for a project from contract award up to execution of a close-out agreement with the client. The PM should be involved in the project even before contract award.

The PM´s mission is the optimization of all project-related results by effective project and contract management.

PM is Global E&C Solutions´ Representative towards the Client, PMC, and Partner organizations. PM is responsible for:

      1. Developing the overall strategy for execution of the project
      2. Contract management of the client and partner contracts jointly with the commercial project manager
      3. Project set-up (project team, task force location, IT infrastructure)
      4. Effectively leading and directing the project team and managing project activities in line with contract stipulations
      5. Managing relationship with Client, PMC, and Partner organizations
      6. Identifying risks and opportunities early, ensuring effective mitigation of risks, and cashing in on the opportunities
      7. Optimizing project result (HSES, quality, profitability, liquidity, schedule etc.)
      8. Managing internal and external changes
      9. Promoting the lessons learned process
      10. Reporting on the project on a regular basis to center or Global E&C Solutions management as well as to the client
      11. Project close-out and systematic handover for execution during warranty phase


1.2 Technical and Functional Responsibilities

1.2.1 Prime Responsibilities

The PM shall carry out the following :

  1. Start Activities (Project Set-up)
    1. Issues Risk Register based on the risk analysis
    2. Initiates lessons learned from previous projects relevant to the actual one
    3. Organizes the set-up of tools (cost control, schedule, change management/lessons learned etc.) Organizes and approves the start calculation
    4. Organizes external kick-off meeting(s) and team building (Client, PMC, Partners)
    5. Organizes internal kick-off meeting and team building
    6. Establishes the project team, task force location, IT infrastructure
    7. Prepares project frame schedule
    8. Prepares early activity schedule (90 days)
    9. Prepares project execution plan based on the updated project execution strategy (G-AP-18-0-1)
    10. Co-organizes launching meeting
    11. Obtains proposal risk analysis/risk board and/or ERC protocols
    12. Obtains entire contract documents (commercial + technical) and all other relevant documentation and information of the proposal phase
    13. Detailed Strategies

Obtain consensus with associated disciplines (in bracket) for the following project execution strategies.

  1. Engineering strategy (Technology, Engineering)
    1. Risk/opportunity strategy (Project Team)
    2. Pre-commissioning/commissioning strategy, including PSSR (Technology, Site Management)
    3. Construction management strategy (Commercial Project Management, Site Management)
    4. Subcontracting strategy (Site Management, Procurement)
    5. Claim/change order strategy (Commercial project management)
    6. Commercial/contract management strategy (Legal and Commercial Project Management)
    7. Expediting/inspection/shipping    strategy    (Procurement,     HSES       Quality,                                                             Engineering,                            Site Management)
    8. Procurement strategy (Procurement, Engineering)
    9. Correspondence, Meetings, and Reporting
      1. Organizes project team meetings at regular intervals as necessary
      2. Coordinates external meetings (Client, PMC, Partners)
      3. Controls correspondence and reporting with Client, PMC, Partners (G-AP-19-4-2)
      4. Performs regular reporting on the project to management (G-AP-19-4-3)
      5. Prepares project close-out report and handover for warranty phase to others
      6. Prepares Lessons Learned Report (output to)
    10. Review/approve the reports and direct corrective actions on the following subjects
      1. HSE
      2. Quality
      3. Risks/Opportunities
      4. Cost control
      5. Schedule and progress control
      6. Internal Changes

1.2.2 Check and Balance

  1. Authority for all prime responsibilities of his direct subordinates in the project
  2. Engineering issues (quality/quantity of personnel, budgets)
  3. Commercial and contractual issues (cash, currency, claims, change orders, taxes and duties, agency agreements, etc.), which are part of the prime responsibilities of the Commercial Project Manager
  4. Project Controls issues (quality/quantity of personnel)
  5. Freezing of key documents
  6. Procurement issues (budgets, claims, change orders, liquidated damages, back charges, quality/quantity of personnel)
  7. Construction and pre-commissioning/commissioning issues (budgets, claims, HSES, LDs, back charges, quality/quantity of management/supervision personnel)

1.2.3 Advice and Support

  1. Advises and supports sales/proposal management in case that they are dealing with the project client for new opportunities
  2. Supports project audits by others (e.g., Group HSES/Quality, external finance auditors)

1.2.4 Decision-making Competences

  1. Global E&C Solutions authorized representative for the project
  2. Internal changes in the project
  3. Negotiations with Client, PMC, and Partners
  4. Incorporation/release of quality/quantity of personnel resources for the project

1.2.5 Exclusions

The PM is not allowed on own to:

  1. Change project risk/contingency provisions
  2. Change project profit
  3. Interfere in principles of accounting



Direct Supervisor:              Project Director

Team Size:  Individual Contributor in Russia





  • Project Team
    • Commercial Project Manager
    • Engineering Manager
    • Process Manager/Coordinator
    • Project Procurement Manager
    • Site Manager
    • Project Controls Manager (Cost + Scheduling)
    • HSE, QA/QC Manager
  • Center Heads of Departments/Group  leaders :
    • Process Technology
    • Engineering disciplines
  • Clients
  • Consortium/JV Partners
  • Subcontractors/Suppliers
  • Commercial Project Management
  • Site Management
  • Project Controls
  • Procurement
  • Estimating
  • other PMs
  • Sales
  • Solution Development (Proposal)
  • Project Directors/Managers in other Global E&C Solutions Centers
  • Engineering Risk Committee (ERC) and Risk Management
  • Other Global E&C Solutions functions, zones, and centers





Accountabilities, Related Activities & Performance Goals


“What is expected and how this is achieved”


Safety and IMS:

  • Together with HSE, achieves Zero Accidents
  • Together with HSE, ensures safety plans are in place for projects
  • Lead by example
  • Incident tracking and investigation


  • Lost Time Frequency Rate, Non-Lost Time Frequency Rate : Global E&C Solutions employees and contractors
  • # of projects w/o LTA/NLTA (Lost and Non-Lost time accidents)
  • # of contracts w/o LTA/NLTA
  • # of site safety visits


  • LI and L2 incidents (shared with Engineering, Technology, Procurement)
  • Liquidated Damages (LDs) for delays
  • cost of quality
  • Together with Project Controls, does schedule management


  • # of LI and L2 incidents
  • Amount of LDs paid minus LDs collected
  • Cost of quality vs. Contract Value
  • Schedule delays (weeks)
  • Feedback and project results

Financial Contribution:

  • Project results
  • Cash position vs. Base Line
  • Change orders/clients/partners
  • Back charges/claims (shared with Procurement)


  • % improvement/deterioration vs. budget
  • Project related cash position vs. base line
  • Result improvements by Change Orders
  • Amounts gained from suppliers and

sub-contractors (shared with Procurement)

Operative Effectiveness:


  • Decides execution strategies
  • Performs strict management of all contractual issues in cooperation with Commercial Project Manager and Legal Department
  • Meets resource need in project team (jointly with HOD)
  • All critical jobs with at least a level 3 schedule (Primavera)
  • Quality of project reporting
  • Manages risks
  • Capitalization of project experiences
  • Project results
  • Result improvement by contract management
  • Resource plans for every major project
  • # of projects without up-to-date level 3 schedules
  • % of reports delivered, updated on time
  • Risk Register continuously updated
  • % of projects with comprehensive and completed PIRS entries
  • Lessons learned loop

Development and Competitiveness:

  • Operation involvement in critical proposals
  • Efficient project reporting
  • Cost efficiency of work


  • Client satisfaction (marketing and proposal management)
  • Generate reports that are meaningful for the Management team with limited effort
  • Benchmark of efficiency (man hour used per work-unit)

Organization Effectiveness and HR:

  • Efficiently lead the project team
  • Develops soft skills and masters conflict situations


  • Feedback from project team members, peers and management




Education:                       Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree

Discipline:                        Preferably Science or Engineering (Process, Mechanical or Chemistry)

Work Experience:           Minimum 15 years in Plant Engineering is required for Senior Project Manager.

Foreign Language:                        Russia




  • Project management tools and procedures
  • Basic process understanding
  • Principles of engineering in all disciplines
  • Construction, erection, commissioning, hand-over
  • Subcontract forms and subcontract management
  • Contract form and contract management
  • Scheduling, progress and critical path

Strategic and performance management:

  • Overcomes obstacles
  • Demonstrates decisiveness/solution oriented
  • Leads and controls complex actions
  • Develops and considers alternatives

Personal characteristics:

  • Manages complexity, contradiction and crises
  • Cost control and reporting
  • Estimation tools and methods
  • Safety management during construction and commissioning
  • Large project experience in various geographies (for Project Directors)
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm
  • Generates ideas

Interpersonal skills:

  • Takes action to meet customer needs
  • Establishes team expectations
  • Delivers clear and transparent messages

People management skills:

  • Builds confidence in success
  • Promotes delegation, provides guidance and follow-up


Key Skills
Project Management
  • B.Tech/B.E.
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