September 26, 2019


Outplacement or career transition service assists responsible corporations in supporting their exiting employees to reorient themselves to the job market and find new employment in other organisations. The implementation of a carefully structured support service by experienced professionals is essential to maintain an organisation’s reputation as a considerate employer of choice and to reduce potential litigation while maintaining a good relationship with former employees. International best practices data has shown that organizations providing outplacement services report encouraging results including employee engagement, increased productivity and better retention.

Leaving an organisation is often an emotional experience for both employees and employers. At this time of possible vulnerability, it is a dire need for the employees to come up with a well thought out plan for the next step in their career. While the reasons for an exit may be personal, strategic or performance related, a compassionate organisation invests in ensuring a smooth and seamless transition of their employees in other jobs.

At ABC, we understand the challenges of optimising human potential, and years of research and industry data has enabled us to develop a professional and completely customised Outplacement/Career Transition Service for your organisation’s specific needs. The programme is tailored to suit the needs of individuals, ranging from board of directors, executive management to entry level and support staff. Assisted by a dedicated career coach, we guide and support our clients at every step through one-on-one assistance for a personalised experience.

Our career coaches have a detailed interaction with the management and the employees to understand their aspirations, review their resume and work on a customised job search strategy for them which includes:

  • Communicating with the employees to help them fully understand the process of outplacement/career transition.
  • Diagnosing and assessing competencies and skill sets of the exiting employees.
  • Counselling individuals for maximising their current skill set and interests in searching for new opportunities.
  • Resume seeding to ABC Consultants’ extensive client base across 24 industry verticals.
  • Identifying prospective employers and roles.
  • Coaching on networking, interview preparation and negotiating.
  • Professional resume writing services if needed.
  • Appropriate representation on social media like Facebook and Instagram which are often looked at before making hiring decisions.

ABC’s collaborative and thorough approach to planning, communicating, counselling and facilitating a smooth transition process has ensured professional management of these difficult and complicated transitions with several clients. We guarantee the ABC Advantage of access to our network of 465+ consultants in eight cities and our wide ranging experience in Corporate India over the last 50 years.