Talent Mapping


Studies show that having a ready pipeline of top quality candidates in place (before you need it) helps to improve quality, speed and cost per hire. Defining your competitive landscape and candidate profile ahead of time will allow you to connect with inactive job seekers. It moves you to being proactive from being reactive. Talent Mapping is a process of collecting market information of prospective candidates within defined target organisations, further broken down into segmented groups or teams including organograms. This is a custom-made solution for clients that can facilitate decision making in the case of confidential recruitment, current /future projects etc.

Process Methodology

1. Understand

• Context & Roles to be mapped • Define ideal candidate: -Education, Experience, Skills • Agree on Direct and Indirect Competitors

2. Data Collection

Source of information- • Headhunting • Social Media • Internal Database • References

4. Report

Contextualise, whet, verify and report findings

3. Create Talent Map

Capture Information in agreed format


  • Source of information on market insights
  • The mapping is exhaustive and focused on targeted organizations
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