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By 2020, around 500 million people will be eligible to work where in the current scenario 80% of youth haven't finished school


The very nature of our business at ABC Consultants, connects us to the Humane aspect of our being. We influence not just jobs, but the scope of living, financial status, confidence of the person and connect empathetically to their lives.

ABC consultants, believer in value of human capital, pledges its Corporate Social Reponsibility initiative to the cause of alternative employability.

It is estimated that by 2020, around 500 million people in India will be eligible to work. At the same time, looking at the current scenario where more than 80% of youth haven’t completed school, it can be inferred that these youth, unless given vocational skills, will neither have enough competency to work as skilled labour to meet the growing needs of various industries, nor will they work for long as casual labour before falling prey to an addiction leading to battered minds & bodies.

After evaluating several areas in the field of education and skilling, we have decided to partner with Yuva Parivartan (see

Yuva Parivartan (YP) believes in giving a ‘second chance’ to the out of school deprived youth and help them earn a decent living. By providing vocational training and life skills, they aim to turn the less privileged youth into an asset for society and the nation.

Yuva Parivartan has a flexible and innovative mode that has been appreciated by the Planning Commission and has proved effective in the urban, rural and tribal belts. Their model ensures that the local community needs are met, thus benefiting the youth as well as the entire community or village.

For this financial year, ABC has committed to sponsor a minimum of 525 students who will be provided vocational training and life skills through Livelihood camps across India. In addition to this, our endeavor is to get involved, volunteer, train, support and create awareness amongst clients, candidates and all extensions of our social and personal network.

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