The Developmental sector is a major contributor towards the creation of infrastructure and resources for social upliftment and inclusion of depressed and underprivileged communities by helping them get access to basic amenities, such as clean drinking water, roads, and medical support. The sector is growing rapidly with many multinational organizations focusing on contributing to the society. Charities, foundations, and intergovernmental organisations are the pioneers in the field of social Development. This increase in the focus of Development by critical agencies is fueling the requirement of more self-motivated individuals who would like to work in the social Development paradigm.

We, at ABC Consultants, have been operating across industries for decades and so are in touch with talented professionals from all backgrounds who are immensely interested in Development of the social sector. We, thus, find ourselves as the best destination for our clients in the not-for-profit sector to help them recruit talented individuals motivated to work in the social sector in the areas of fund-raising, activation, planning, events, organization, and execution.




ABC’s Team of Specialists

We have a team of industry experts and consultants who have served in the Development sector and have contacts and insights that greatly help our clients’ goals. Driven by passion, we continue to deliver the best of our services to our clients even in most challenging times.


Deepika Ramani

Vertical Head

Deepika Ramani is heading the Development, FMCG, Internet and Media & Entertainment industry practice. Deepika joined ABC Consultants in early 2006. She has over 16 years of experience in Recruitment and Training & Development. She was instrumental in setting the New Media & Services vertical at ABC. She has successfully partnered with market leaders in Development, FMCG, Internet and Media & Entertainment.

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Naeha Sharma

Naeha Sharma is associated with Development Practice and Value Added Services. She is based in New Delhi. Naeha has been with ABC Consultants for more than 10 years and has managed varied recruitment projects within the Social and Media & Entertainment sector. She is currently a part of the Development practice and works extensively with Indian & International Not For Profit Organizations, Trade Bodies and Government Projects.

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Our selection process is based on a structured and systematic approach, which is proactive, detailed and target oriented. This process begins with understanding the clients’ needs and goes all the way to follow-up with both clients and candidates post recruitment.

Search Methodology

Client Testimonials

Representative Searches

  • Country Director,
    Leading NGO
  • Chief Executive Officer,
    World’s Leading NGO in Child Development
  • Chief Operating Officer,
    NGO committed to Integrated Health and Development
  • The Chair of Board-India Entity,
    World’s Leading NGO in Child Development
  • Regional Program Director,
    Leading NGO Working for Empowerment of Women
  • Director-Sales,
    Global Non-profit Focused on Women’s Reproductive Rights
  • Director,
    Investment Promotion Agency of the Government of India
  • Director-Fundraising,
    Leading NGO Working for Empowerment of Rural India
  • Director-Corporate Partnership,
    Leading Global Health Organization
  • Director-Sales and Marketing,
    Leading NGO Working for Empowerment of Women
  • Executive Director,
    Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation
  • Associate Director-Sales,
    Leading Global Health Organization
  • Head Advisor-Indian Subcontinent,
    World’s Leading Aid and Development Agency
  • Head-Finance,
    Non-profit focused on Child Development
  • Grants Administrator,
    Leading Source of Funding NGOs
  • Finance Manager/ Grants Manager,
    European Union’s HIV/AIDS-focused Development Organisation