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India is the preferred destination for Outsourcing and Offshoring (O&O) services. O&O capabilities evolved because of advancements in information technology, which led local markets all over the world to converge to become one global marketplace. Owing to these transformations, there have been significant displacements in workforce requirements at all sites.

However, the once disruptive industry is in the process of getting disrupted by new technologies and other trends including artificial intelligence and expansion drives by erstwhile domestic companies, as they look to establish bases in the same offshore markets from where they had diverted the tasks. This further restructuring of job markets is leading to a major reshuffle in the sourcing of skilled manpower from all across the world, fueling demand for talented workforce from India domestically as well as globally.



Outsourcing & Offshoring

ABC’s Team of Specialists

Over the years, we have successfully executed various client assignments and stayed ahead of the curve in the Outsourcing & offshoring domain. We believe in maintaining long-standing relationships with our clients and ensure that companies find a perfect link with the right talent at the right time.


Anupama Bose Chaudhury

Vertical Head

Anupama Bose Chaudhury heads the Outsourcing and Offshoring industry practice. Anupama is a Human Resources Leader with diverse industry experience . In her 14 years of career she has managed key roles in Core HR function, Executive search as well as HRIT (HR process She has been associated with ABC Consultants since January 2011 and has been integral in establishing the O&O practice. Anupama has worked with two Fortune 500 companies

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Our selection process is based on a structured and systematic approach, which is proactive, detailed and target oriented. This process begins with understanding the clients’ needs and goes all the way to follow-up with both clients and candidates post recruitment.

Search Methodology

Representative Searches

  • Chief Operating Officer,
    Financial Process Outsourcing Firm
  • Chief Administrative Officer,
    Back Office of Financial Services Company
  • Center Director,
    Outsourcing & Offshoring firm
  • Director- BDM Analytics ,
    Financial Services KPO firm
  • Director-Finance ,
    Back Office of a FMCG Company
  • Director – Audit,
    Back Office of a Financial Services Company
  • Executive Director,
    Shared Services centre of a FMCG Company
  • VP -Quality,
    Back office of a global investment bank firm
  • VP -Transformation,
    IT enabled business services provider
  • VP- Financial Planning & Accounting,
    Shared services organization of a Engineering & project management company
  • VP – Supply Chain Analytics,
    Third Party Business Process Management Company
  • Vice President – Web Analytics,
    a Marketing Consulting firm
  • Vice President – Transaction Management Group,
    Back Office of a Global Investment Bank
  • Vice President-Information Security,
    Third party BPO firm
  • GM Healthcare,
    Business Process Outsourcing firm